The Temptation

Stuff only men deal with

First things first. If you believe that you are the only one dealing with issues related to sexual sin, you are gravely mistaken. The closer you get to God, the more the devil will pursue you in this domain. God made us as men to be leaders, to be fighters, to be strong and courageous. None of these traits are exemplified when men delve in sexual sin. If you have bought into the idea that pornography is a victimless act, think again. God knows best, we reap what we sow. Get on your knees and pray that God would open your heart to these messages below. Take time to study the Bible references within them and pray that God renews your mind through His unchanging Word.

The addictive pattern of pornography can be defeated, so consider these tactics in your fight against evil:

Here are a few practical ideas to help you to be proactive against inevitable temptations.